Lars  Jacobsen Lars  Jacobsen
Lars Jacobsen
Managing Director
p: +64 21 490 891
Alan Leitner Alan Leitner
Alan Leitner
Research and Development Manager
p: +64 21 522 314
Suzie Jones Suzie Jones
Suzie Jones
Office Manager
p: +64 9 813 5236
Greg Douglas Greg Douglas
Greg Douglas
Operations and Manufacturing Manager
p: +64 27 200 4296
Sydney Lewis Sydney Lewis
Sydney Lewis
Customer Services
p: +64 9 813 5236
Alice Endemann Alice Endemann
Alice Endemann
Exports Administrator
p: +64 9 813 5236
Apologasio Tevaga Apologasio Tevaga
Apologasio Tevaga
Production Supervisor
Cory Morgan Cory Morgan
Cory Morgan
Production Team
Tiaki Tuia Tiaki Tuia
Tiaki Tuia
Production Team
Travina Mimita Travina Mimita
Travina Mimita
Production Team
Gani Palahang Gani Palahang
Gani Palahang
Production Team
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